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Opening a Project

Protege-Frames User's Guide
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Opening a Project
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Glossary, Editing Help

You can open an existing Protege-Frames project when you start Protege, from within the Protege window, or from a list of recent projects. No matter what format your project is in, you can create, open, and save your projects directly via the .pprj file. You do not need to name or access other file types unless you wish to build a project. To save the open project to disk after you have edited it, select Save Project from the File menu.

Opening a Project When You Start Protege

To open an existing project when you first start Protege:

  1. Start Protege. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to create a new project, open a recent project, or get help.

    Welcome to Protege dialog
  2. To open a project in the list of Recently Accessed Projects, highlight its name and click OK.

  3. To open a project that is not listed, click Open Existing Project. Locate the .pprj project you wish to open and click OK.

    Open Project dialog

Opening a Project within Protege

  1. Select Open Project... from the File menu, click the Open Project ( button or type Ctrl-O (Cmd-O). A Project dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the project.

  2. Select the .pprj project you wish to open.

  3. Click OK.

For Windows systems, you can also open a project by double-clicking on the .pprj file in Windows Explorer.

Opening a Recent Project within Protege

Protege maintains a list of recently opened projects. To open a recent project:

  1. Select Open Recent Project from the File menu.

  2. Select the project you want.