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Importing a Project

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Importing a project creates a new Protege-Frames project and .pprj file, based on files which contain your ontology information in one of the supported formats. When you import a project, a .pprj file is built, based on the information in your existing files.

To do this, create a new project and make sure that Create from Existing Sources is checked in the Create New Project dialog box.

Create from Existing Sources checkbox (checked)

You can import a project from the following project types:

  • Text Files: You can import a project from a pair of text files describing the class/slot (e.g., abc.pont) and instance (e.g., abc.pins) information. Importing a text project can be used, for example, for updating from Protege-Frames/Win to Protege.

  • Database Table: You can import a project from a single table in a JDBC database.

You can not import an XML file into Protege using the Protege XML backend.

Protege-Frames will generate default forms for all classes in the imported project.

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