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Misc View - Query

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This view allows queries to be performed against the current ontology. For example, users can quickly test definitions of classes to see that they subsume the appropriate subclasses. Alternatively, they can check for class membership of arbitrary descriptions without having to create named class placeholders.


By default, this view appears in the following tabs:

Content and Layout

The external header begins with the text "Query". Two interaction sections follow:

Query (class expression)

This section contains a query entry area and two buttons. The "Execute" button executes the entered query. The "Add to ontology" button adds the entered query to the ontology.

Query results

This section contains a display area for query results, plus a set of check boxes to limit the result set:


The image below was displayed by a test tab, added to the Pizza Ontology.

Pr4 UG rv Mi Query 1.png
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