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Edit Menu

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Protege 4 User's Guide

Items in the Edit menu affect the content of documents (eg, ontologies) which are stored in the memory of the computer. That is, they do not (directly) affect persistent storage (eg, files).

See also Protege 4.X Shortcuts.

Note: In the keyboard shortcuts below, substitute "Cmd" for "Ctrl" on Mac OS X.


Undo (Ctrl-Z)

Undo (ie, revert) the last editing action.

Redo (Shift-Ctrl-Z)

Redo (ie, revert) the last Undo action.


Cut (Ctrl-X)

Remove the selected information, copying it to the paste buffer.

Copy (Ctrl-C)

Copy the selected information to the paste buffer.

Paste (Ctrl-V)

Delete any selected information, then insert the contents of the paste buffer at the position indicated by the cursor.

Delete... (Ctrl-Backspace)

Delete selected (and possibly related) information. In a text field, if no information is selected, delete the previous character.

Specifically, delete the last selected element in the focused view. If this is an entity in one of the class/property trees or individual list, remove every statement that references the entity. If this is an assertion in a description view, remove the assertion from the ontology.


Find in view... (Ctrl-F)

Perform a name search in the currently active view (the one that currently has focus - often the last used).


Create new (Ctrl-N)

Create a new entity; the entity type depends on the active view.

Create child (Ctrl-\)

Create a child (eg, subclass, subproperty) of the current selection in the active view.

Create sibling (Ctrl-/)

Create a child (eg, subclass, subproperty) of the parents of the current selection in the active view. In other words, create a sibling class or property on the same level as the current selection.


Duplicate selected class... (Shift-Ctrl-C)

Create a copy of the selected class, including all asserted superclass and equivalent class axioms (not including annotations).

Convert to primitive class (Ctrl-P)

Move all equivalent classes for the currently selected class to superclasses (and split an intersection into separate superclass axioms).

Convert to defined class (Ctrl-D)

Move all superclasses for the currently selected class into a new equivalent class (by building an intersection of the superclasses).

Add covering axiom

Add an equivalent class to the currently selected class, containing a union of its subclasses.

Make all individuals distinct...

Create an allDifferent axiom, containing all of the individuals in the ontology.

Make primitive siblings disjoint (Ctrl-J)

Create an allDisjoint axiom, containing the currently selected class and all of its siblings.

Remove disjoints for subclasses...

Remove all disjoint axioms...


Prefixes... (Shift-Ctrl-P)

Manage renderings of namespaces.

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