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Protege 4 User's Guide
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There are several ways to provide feedback for this guide.

"comment" email link

There is a "comment" email link near the top of each page (just below the page title). Clicking this link should cause your mail program to initiate an email message.

The "From", "To", and "Subject" headers should already be filled in, so all you have do is add your feedback in the message body. Use this mechanism to address comments and questions to the Protege 4 staff.

"discussion" tab

There is a "discussion" tab at the top of each page. Clicking this will allow you to edit a "Talk" page for the original page.

The Talk page is a good place to post comments and questions. For example, if you think that the original page needs more detail on a particular topic (but aren't sure what to add), putting a comment in the Talk page will alert others to the issue.

"edit" tab and link

There is an "edit" tab at the top of each page. Clicking this will allow you to edit the entire page. Alternatively, click on an "edit" link in the body of the page (at the right-hand end of the first line of each section).

In general, you should only make additions or changes to a page when you are confident that you know what needs to be done and that you understand the guide's conventions. If you are not sure, use the "discussion" tab or "comment" email link.

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