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Pizza Ontology

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The Pizza ontology demonstrates various features of Protege 4, using a familiar topic as its subject matter. This guide uses the Pizza ontology for most of its example text, screenshots, etc. There are several reasons for this:

  • Although Pizza originated in Italy, Pizza parlors can be found around the world. So, most readers will be familiar with the concepts involved.
  • Pizza is a rich enough topic to exercise many of Protégé's features, while simple enough to be comprehensible.
  • The Pizza ontology has been used over a period of several years in both printed documentation and training materials. So, it has "stood the test of time" and is already familiar to many Protégé users.

The Pizza ontology is used (and described) in:

The ontology is available at CO-ODE Project, or you can download the pizza.owl from the Protégé website, and import it into Protégé.