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[[Category:Protege Short Course]]

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Protege-OWL Short Course Preparation

The Protege-OWL Short Course is a hands-on course. The purpose of this wiki page is to give detailed instructions for installing the required and optional software components that will be used during the course.

We highly recommend that you install required software on your laptops before the start of the course in order to avoid holding up sessions for software installation issues.

Please note that we do not provide laptops for participants.

If you have questions or problems with software installation, please contact the short course organizers.

Protege Desktop 4.3 (required)

If you are a new user, we kindly ask that you register before downloading Protege Desktop:


Protege Desktop 4.3 is available for download from the Protege website:


Note to Mac users: You must have Mac OS X 10.4 or higher to use Protege Desktop.

Note to users of Mac OS X 10.7.5 and above: The default Gatekeeper settings for Mountain Lion are to only allow application downloads from the Mac App Store and identified developers. The Protege Desktop software does not yet carry "identified developer" status, and you may see an error when attempting to download that the installer file is "damaged and can't be opened". To successfully download the installer file, navigate to Apple menu | System Preferences… | Security & Privacy | General tab, and select "Anywhere" from "Allow applications downloaded from".

Note to Windows and Linux users: If you choose the platform independent installer program to install Protege Desktop (recommended), note that we support both 32 and 64-bit operating systems. Please scroll down to the "Available Installers" section of the download page and click the appropriate download link for your platform. We prefer that you choose an installer from the left-hand column of links, which includes a Java Virtual Machine. This will ensure that the proper version of Java is installed.

Protege Desktop 4.3 release download page

Pellet Reasoner Plug-in (required)

The "SWRL: Basic concepts" lecture on Tuesday afternoon will require use of the Pellet Reasoner Plug-in. To install the plug-in, launch Protege Desktop and choose the File | Check for plugins... menu item. In the resulting Automatic Update dialog, check the box for the Pellet Reasoner Plug-in on the Downloads tab, and click the Install button.

Automatic Update dialog in Protege 4.2

Click OK on the "Updates will take effect when you next start Protege" dialog, and exit the Protege Desktop application.

Graphviz (optional)

During the ontology visualization session on Tuesday afternoon we plan to demo the OWLViz plug-in, which depends on a 3rd-party drawing library called "Graphviz" from AT&T Research. If you think you would like to experiment with this plug-in, please navigate to the Graphviz website to download and install the latest stable version of their software:


Additional configuration steps will be discussed during the visualization lecture.

ontopPro (optional)

During the ontology-based data access session on Wednesday afternoon we plan to demo the ontopPro plug-in. ontopPro extends Protege Desktop with a mapping editor that allows users to define data sources for ontolgies, and map them using an intuitive mapping language. If you think you would like to experiment with this plug-in, please download and unzip the following file to a location of your choice:


For convenience, the ZIP file contains Protege Desktop 4.3, bundled with ontopPro, all necessary JDBC plug-ins, and "run" scripts for launching the application (run.bat, run.sh).