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Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology

Ontologies have become core components of many large applications. The Ontology Development 101 paper addresses the issues of why one would build an ontology and presents a methodology for creating ontologies based on declarative knowledge representation systems. It leverages the authors experiences developing and maintaining ontologies in a number of ontology environments including Protege, Ontolingua, and Chimaera. It utilizes a wines knowledge base example to present the methodology. While it is aimed at users of frame-based systems, it can be useful for building ontologies in any object-centered system.

Download the guide in PDF or HTML format
Download the Protege project that we use in the guide
Download the PowerPoint presentation based on the guide (presented as a tutorial at the Semantic Web Working Symposium in 2001)

The guide is also available in other languages:

This paper is also available as KSL Technical Report KSL-01-05.