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OWLViz 22

Version 22
Plugin OWLViz
Last update May 7, 2009
Download OWLViz 22
Compatible Protege Version


The following dependencies exist for OWLViz 22:


Fix for the edges not showing up. Works with Graphviz 2.22 and newer.

Short description

This version of the plugin fixes the problem of edges not showing up when GraphViz 2.22 or newer is used.


This is for Protege 3.4. To install:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Delete from your Protege/plugin folder the old OWLViz plugin directory: plugins/uk.ac.man.cs.mig.coode.owlviz
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file in the Protege plugins folder

Note. This OWLViz version is only for Protege 3.4.
The Protege 3.4.1 patch release will contain this version of OWLViz, so you won't need to install this plugin.