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InstanceGridWidget Layout Configuration

This page provides a basic overview of the different configuration options that can be set in form of parameter-value pairs for the InstanceGridWidget (edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.portlet.propertyForm.InstanceGridWidget) in WebProtege.

The field_type parameter

The field_type parameter sets the "type" of a field (i.e. data cell) in the grid.
To clearly separate the content of the field from its presentation, and the way these values are edited, we have created separate parameters (field_value_type and field_editor) to control those other aspects of the field.

value meaning
linkicon shows a link icon, which provides a hyperlink to the URL represented by this property value
nolink displays a URL without creating a hyperlink to it (which would be the default behavior in the absence of this parameter specification)
checkbox shows a standard checkbox, where the checked checkbox represents the value "true" and the unchcheck checkbox represents the value false (or in case of non-boolean fields, any other value than "true").

Unknown values are represented with a checkbox containing a red question mark.

checkbox_important uses a three-way checkbox to represent "Not allowed"-"Allowed"-"Required" states, as 0-1-2 values.

This field type was introduced to support use cases provided by WHO, and is used in the ICD-11 editor, iCAT.

radio a radio button can represent "true" and "false" states for a number of items, with the restriction that at any given time when an item is selected as "true" the other items will be set to "false".
combobox a dropdown list of elements that can be selected as the value of the property
class_browsertext shows the "browser text" of the class that is set to be as the value of the property

This is the default field_type for "Class" and "Cls" field_value_types.

instance_browsertext shows the "browser text" of the instance that is set to be as the value of the property

This is the default field_type for "Instance" the field_value_type.

instance_property shows the a given property value of the instance that is set to be as the value of the property.

The field_value_type parameter

The field_value_type parameter specifies the type of a field value in the grid.

value meaning

For the more up-to-date list of possible values please see: [1]

Specifying this parameter is optional, as this information can be deduced from the ontology. However the type information sometimes is not calculated (and is not sent back and forth btw. the server and the client) in the code. In those cases the default value is assumed, namely String.
The most interesting interesting use case for specifying this parameter is to override the default value, and specifying it would help choose the right defaults for the field_type and field_editor parameters.

value meaning
ligh_green light green

value meaning
ligh_green light green

value meaning
ligh_green light green

To get a more up-to-date list of all the supported parameters and values you may want to check out the latest version of the edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.portlet.propertyForm.FormConstants class.

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