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Mac-logo.jpg Protege 5 Installation instructions for MacOSX

Go to the main Protege 5 installation page

Protege Desktop 5.0 is distributed in the form of a ZIP file from the main Protege website, and includes the 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE). So, it is not necessary to have Java pre-installed on your computer to run Protege.

Download the ZIP file

  • Go to the Products page on the Protege website.
  • Click the "Download for Mac OSX" button to download the ZIP file to your machine.

Move Protege to Applications

  • Once the download completes, navigate to the folder where the ZIP file was downloaded. On a Mac, this will typically be your "Downloads" folder. Unpack it. unpacked and you should see:


Drag the Protege_5.0.0 folder to the Applications directory.

Launch Protege

To launch Protege Desktop, double-click the Protégé.app file in the root directory of the installation (Applications/Protege_5.0.0d).

Allow Protege to run

The first time you will try to run the Protégé.app, you may get a warning:


To allow Protege to run, go to your System Preferences (in the dock, or in Finder->Applications->System Preferences), and go to the Security & Privacy, and then the General tab. It will look like this:


Click on the button Open anyway and you will get to another dialog, like:


Click on Open and Protege will start.

Alternatively, you may also select for the Allow apps downloaded from: the checkbox: Anywhere in the Security & Privacy preferences panel.


Q: When I double-click on the run script, nothing happens, or I see a window that comes up, and goes away!

A: Try running Protege from a console and report any errors displayed in the console window on the Protege User Support mailing list.

  • How to run Protege from the console on OS X:
    • Open Finder
    • Select Applications -> Utilities, then double-click on the Terminal application
    • In the resulting Terminal window, change to the directory where you unzipped Protege (e.g., cd /Applications/Protege_5.0_beta)
    • Type sh run.command

Then report the results back on the protege-user mailing list.

Go to the main Protege 5 installation page