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Win-logo.jpg Protege 5 Installation instructions for Windows

Go to the main Protege 5 installation page

Protege Desktop 5.0 is distributed in the form of a ZIP file from the main Protege website, and requires Java 7 or later. Please consult the Oracle Java website for Java download and installation instructions.

Check for Java 7 (optional)

This step is optional. Perform this step if you aren't sure if Java 7 or later is installed on your computer.

To follow are two possible ways to check your Java version:

From the Start menu

  • Click the Start menu.
  • Type "Java" in the search field.
  • Select "About Java" from the results list to display a dialog with your Java version information:

InstallP5 OracleJavaVersionDialog.png

From the Command Prompt

  • Click the Start menu.
  • Type "cmd" in the search box.
  • Select "cmd.exe" from the results list to launch the Command Prompt application.
  • Type "java -version" at the prompt to view your Java version information:

InstallP5 CommandPromptJavaVersion.png

Install JDK 7 on Windows 7 or 8 (if necessary)

In case the check for Java 7 from the previous test did not work, please follow this step-by-step guide to install Java JDK 7 on your Windows 7 or 8. Make sure at the end that you edit the PATH environment variable to add the path to the newly installed Java 7 (usually it is installed in:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_13\bin). This step-by-step guide helps you set the environment variable.

Download the ZIP file

  • Go to the Products page on the Protege website.
  • Click the "Download for Windows" button to download the ZIP file to your machine.

Unzip Protege

Once the download completes, navigate to the folder where the ZIP file was downloaded. On a Windows machine, this will typically be your "Downloads" folder, e.g., "C:/Users/<your-username>/Downloads".

Right-click on the ZIP file and choose "Extract All..." from the context menu to launch the Extract Compressed Folders dialog. Click the Browse... button to select a destination for your Protege Desktop installation, e.g., the "C:/Program Files" folder:

InstallP5 ExtractFilesDialog.png

Protege Desktop will be extracted to your selected destination into a folder called "Protege_5.0_beta":

InstallP5 ProtegeUnzipped.png

Launch Protege

To launch Protege Desktop, double-click the run.bat file in the root directory of the installation.

For quicker access to Protege Desktop going forward, right-click on the run.bat file and select "Send to" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)". This will create a shortcut to Protege Desktop's launcher on your Windows Desktop called "run.bat - Shortcut". Select the shortcut and press the F2 key to rename the shortcut to something more user friendly, e.g., "Protege 5.0 beta".


Q: When I double-click on the run script, nothing happens, or I see a window that comes up, and goes away!

A: Try running Protege from a console and report any errors displayed in the console window on the Protege User Support mailing list.

  • How to run Protege from the console on Windows:
    • Click the Start menu
    • Type cmd in the search box and press the Enter key
    • In the resulting Command Prompt, change to the directory where you unzipped Protege (e.g., cd "C:\Program Files\Protege_5.0_beta")
    • Type run.bat.
  • How to run Protege from the console on OS X:
    • Open Finder
    • Select Applications -> Utilities, then double-click on the Terminal application
    • In the resulting Terminal window, change to the directory where you unzipped Protege (e.g., cd /Applications/Protege_5.0_beta)
    • Type sh run.command

Q: When I run run.bat in Windows, I get the error message:

'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

A: Windows cannot find Java on your system. This can happen either if: (1) you do not have Java installed on your computer, or (2) you have Java installed, but it is not found on the PATH environment variable of your system. The solution is either to install java (if you don't have it), and/or to add it to the PATH variable. Both solutions are described here.

See more troubleshooting help on the main Protege 5 installation page