DataMaster 1.3.2

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DataMaster 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2
Plugin DataMaster
Last update December 17, 2009
Download DataMaster 1.3.2
Compatible Protege Version


The following dependencies exist for DataMaster 1.3.2:


see page for more details

Detailed Changelog

  • Added support for table names prefixed by schema name, mainly to support PostgreSQL databases that have database schemas defined (n.b. this was necessary because the PostgreSQL JDBC driver does not allow to restrict table operations to a particular DB schema by means of a connection string parameter).
  • Bug fixed to avoid ClassCastException when importing data from a database into an imported ontology that has non Jena back-end, for example it has a database back-end.


DataMaster plug-in comes with the typical (or full) installation of Protege 3.x. This section should be used only by those who have a version of Protege installed that is not already containing the DataMaster plug-in or those who want to use a different version of DataMaster than the one they already have.

Note: this and newer versions of the DataMaster plug-in will work only with Protege 3.4 Beta Build #504 or later
Download version 1.3.2 of the DataMaster plug-in using the download link in the top right panel on this page or from the following location: