Czech Technical University in Prague

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Czech Technical University in Prague

Research Topics - Information System Software Engineering

     - Enterprise Java, OO programming, IPC, system security, web & mobile    technologies, UML, team development, Voice over IP

- Advanced Database Systems

     - Relational database design, distributed databases, geographical information, meta-data, XML

- Data Warehouses

     - OLAP modeling, data migration, transformation language Sumatra, implementation strategies, interest group targeting

- Data Mining & KDD

     - Prediction and planning tasks, intelligent information retrieval and processing, distributed process supervision

- Decision-Support & Expert Systems

     - Knowledge integration rules, probabilistic decision making

- Geographical Information Systems

     - Fast information retrieval, decision support using spatial indexing techniques

- Uncertainty Modeling

     - Incomplete or uncertain data, vague queries, possibility theory, D-S theory, causal networks

- Knowledge Modeling

     - Ontologies, OCML language, annotated information search and dynamic narratives generation

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OWL2Query 15 March 2011
OWLDiff 30 March 2010

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