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Compile and Run Protege 4.0 Alpha from Eclipse

To follow is some documentation on how one would go about compiling and running Protege 4.0 alpha from the Eclipse development environment. This documentation also takes the approach of creating a separate Eclipse project for each OSGi bundle in the Protege 4 source tree.

Please note that these instructions are only valid for the 4.0 alpha version of Protege. If you are trying to compile and run the 3.x versions of Protege, we have separate instructions available elsewhere.


Create the org.protege.common project

Go to the SVN Repository Exploring perspective and navigate to protege4/protege-standalone/trunk/plugins/org.protege.common. This step assumes that you have Subversion support installed for the Eclipse IDE and that you have already connected to the Protege Subversion repository. If you have not done this, we have instructions for doing so on our Wiki.

Right-click on the org.protege.common folder and choose Checkout... In the resulting "Checkout from SVN" dialog, leave all of the default settings (as shown below) and click Finish.


Create the org.protege.editor.core.application project

Create the org.semanticweb.owl.owlapi project

Create the org.protege.editor.owl project

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